Lincoln is a wonderfully historic and unique English city located 120 miles north of London, 50 miles south of York.

In the summer, Lincoln is a shining example of England's green and pleasant land. The winter transforms the city into an enclave of festive tradition, with bustling markets and majestic ancient grandeur. It is a city full of hidden gems, capped by arguably the most breathtaking Cathedral in Europe.

Throughout the ages, Lincoln has played a vital part in all aspects of English history. It has a wealth of Roman, Medieval, Victorian and Second World War connections all waiting for you to explore. In addition, Lincoln has an array of stunning buildings set against the backdrop of the magnificent Cathedral which adorns the hilltop, dominating the skyline for miles around. Now a vibrant University city, Lincoln definately has something unique to offer all its visitors.

Newport arch, the Roman north gate to the city, is a wonderful example of Lincoln's wealth of ancient history, having stood for over 1800 years. Lincoln was one of the most important cities in Roman England and housed the troops of the Ninth Legion. Colossal walls surrounded Lincoln (fragments of which still exist today) to protect the important strategic stronghold from hostile armies in the surrounding area.